Assorted HG Cleaning Products

HG Cleaning Products. Prices Vary.


HG Cleaning Products. Prices Vary.

Full list of products:

  • Steel Polish
  • Stainless Steel Spray Clean
  • Glass Top Stove Spray Cleaner
  • Hair Unblocker
  • Liquid Drain Opener
  • Drain Odour Remover
  • Marble & Stone Bathroom Cleaner
  • Shower & Washbasin Spray
  • Hygienic Whirlpool Bath Cleaner
  • Bath Shine
  • Grout Cleaner
  • Super Powerful Toilet Cleaner
  • Scale Away
  • Mold Remover
  • Mould Remover Foam Spray
  • Countertop Spray Cleaner
  • Hygienic Toilet Area Cleaner
  • Lime Buster


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