Cheviot REGENCY Cast Iron Footed Bath – With Lion Feet

REGENCY Cast Iron Footed Bath – With Lion Feet



  • Made in Europe: Cheviot cast iron bathtubs are cast and hand enameled in Europe using a process that has been passed down from generation to generation.
  • Optimal Heat Retention: A good cast iron bathtub will absorb heat from your bathwater and return it as the water cools. Because, nobody wants to take a cold bath!
  • Titanium Dioxide Enamel: The interior of Cheviot cast iron bathtubs is finished with a layer of titanium dioxide enamel. The extremely hard surface is both durable and non-porous. Important factors for the longevity and sanitation of the bathtub. The finish is also acid and alkaline resistant which means it won’t dull from exposure to cleaning agents.
  • Exterior Colours: Choose standard white or select a custom colour to match your decor.
  • Safe: Your safety is important to us which is why a soft slip resistant pattern is built into the floor surface of every Cheviot cast iron bathtub.
  • Standards: Tested to conform with ASME and CSA standards
  • Colour
    • WW – White Interior White Exterior
    • WC- White Interior Custom Exterior
    • Chrome Plated – Feet Finish
    • Brushed Nickel – Feet Finish 
    • Polished Nickel – Feet Finish
    • Satin Brass – Feet Finish
    • Polished Brass – Feet Finish
    • Antique Bronze – Feet Finish
    • White Coated – Feet Finish
  • Model Number
    • 2150-XX
    • 2167-XX
    • 2114-XX
  • Dimensions
    • 2150-XX | 61″L x 30″W x 29″H
    • 2167-XX | 68″L x 31″W x 30 1/4″H
    • 2114-XX | 72″L x 31″W x 30 1/4″H

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