HG Whirlpool Cleaner


HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner is a whirlpool bath cleaner with natural substances to clean the internal whirlpool system. During and after use of the whirlpool, bacterial growth and dirt from limescale, soap and grease accumulate in a whirlpool’s internal system. Our whirlpool bath cleaner removes all of this dirt and grime.

  • Made of natural substances
  • Removes scale, grease, soap and oil residue
  • Cleans hygienically
  • Removes unpleasant odours
  • Safe for the whirlpool’s internal system


Hygienic jacuzzi bath cleaner for regular use

When not cleaned regularly with a spa bath cleaner, unpleasant odours form in the whirlpool and the jacuzzi will not function optimally or even break down completely. This jacuzzi cleaner hygienically cleans the whirlpool, safely and without risks for the internal system or the environment. Caked-on dirt and any sources of unpleasant smells will be removed effortlessly. Regular use of HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner extends the lifespan of the whirlpool.

How do you use HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner?

Clean a bubble bath? Follow the steps below to remove bacteria and other dirt in the whirlpool with HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner.

For whirlpools with an internal (semi) automatic cleaning system:

  1. Fill the internal cleaning system with HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner.
  2. Then follow the instructions for your whirlpool.

For whirlpools without an internal cleaning system:

  1. Fill the whirlpool with warm water to 5cm above the highest openings for the water or air jets.
  2. Add 50 to 75ml of HG hygienic whirlpool bath cleaner directly to the bath.
  3. Activate the system and leave it to work for 15 minutes.
  4. Empty the tub and rinse with clean water.
  5. Repeat the treatment once every 2 to 3 weeks to prevent dirt build up. (This depends on how often the whirlpool is used)

Use: 50ml- 75 ml per cleaning.